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To further fulfill its mission and grow in service to God, the Church and its constituency, Shetek Lutheran Ministries invites and challenges you to help support and extend this important ministry.

How Can I Give?

Through annual membership in the Pelican Club or Timber Society. There is also Legacy Partners, a planned giving program, as well as one time donations and gifts in the name of a loved one. Contributions to Shetek Lutheran Ministries are tax deductible as provided by law.

2014 Pelican and Timber Members List

Make an Online Donation
You can join the Pelican Club or Timber Society right now through our online store. Click Here to Donate

Send a Cash Gift
Share a gift with Shetek Lutheran Ministries by mailing your check to :
Shetek Lutheran Ministries
14 Keeley Island Drive
Slayton, MN 56172

Thrivent Financial members - the Giving Plus program has been discontinued but see information on the Thrivent Choice program below and consider supporting Shetek through this program.


Annual Giving  


In addition to the $100 or more of annual financial support provided, members help

* As good-will ambassadors of Shetek Lutheran Ministries
* By encouraging others to support this ministry with their gifts
* Through the promotion of Shetek Lutheran Ministries' Christ-centered programs

Benefits of membership as a Pelican Club member:

Most importantly, the knowledge that your gifts are helping to give children a Christ-Centered week of camp that will change their lives.

A momento of your generosity.
           Regular listing in the donor honor roll listing in the "Signal" newsletter & annual report
           Invitations to special events for Pelican Club members.

Click here to download Pelican Club Brochure in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.

Join the Pelican Club


The 'Timber Society' was established in 2005, to provide a broad, firm financial base upon which ministry can be carefully built and expanded.  The name was chosen in recognition of the symbolism of the protection and comfort provided by the great trees on Keeley Island for so many years.  Timber Society members will provide that same protection and comfort for this ministry for years to come.

You are invited to join this faithful group of supporters and participate as a partner in ministry with Shetek Lutheran Ministries by becoming a 'Timber Society' member by donating $500 or more annually.  Your gifts will bless the lives of all participants as they are touched by the power of the Gospel when they experience and participate in the programs of Shetek Lutheran Ministries.

  • $1,500+ - Oak Timber Society Member
  • $1,000+ - Ash Timber Society Member
  • $750+ - Maple Timber Society Member
  • $500+ - Timber Society Member

Benefits of membership as a "Timber Society" member:

 Most importantly, the knowledge that your gifts are helping to provide Christ-centered weeks of camp that will change lives. 

A memento of your generosity.
 Regular listing in the donor honor roll listing in the "Signal" newsletter & annual report.
 Invitaitons to special events for Timber Society members.

Join the Timber Society


Ongoing support of Shetek Lutheran Ministries can be achieved through planned giving. There are a variety of options available. You can become a legacy partner through

Remembering Shetek through a Bequest in your will or trust.
Including Shetek as a full or partial beneficiary in Life Insurance or Annuity policies.
Entering into a Charitable Lifetime Income Agreement.
The outright gift of Cash, Stocks, Bonds or Real Estate of a certain value.

Members are honored by:
* A special personalized memento.
* An annual get-together of LEGACY PARTNERS.
* Special invitations to important Shetek Lutheran Ministries events.

Legacy Partners Brochure

Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in becoming a legacy partner.

Additional ways to support Shetek Lutheran Ministries.

Volunteer Opportunities 

 Many opportunities are available to share your gifts and skills in support of the ministry at Shetek.  We are always in need of volunteers in the spring when we get ready for our busy summer season and again in the fall as we try to stay ahead of the leaves and close some of the buildings up until the next season.  There are usually projects going on throughout the year so please contact us if you are interested in learning more.  Email us at slbc@frontiernet.net

In-Kind Gifts

In kind gifts are new or gently used items that your camp is in need of.    See Shetek Lutheran Ministries' Wish List

Memorial Gifts

Share a gift with SLM in memory or in honor of someone special to you.  These gifts can make a difference for your camp and for all who come to Shetek.  Contact us at slbc@frontiernet.net or call 507-763-3567 to request a special packet to use when giving a memorial or honorarium. 

Scholarship Fund

Gifts given to the Scholarship fund benefit campers and retreat guests that would not have the opportunity to experience the ministry of Shetek without financial assistance.




Thrivent "Choice" $

                Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is not doing the Giving Plus program anymore, so Shetek will not be receiving matching dollars anymore.  You may have received information from Thrivent about their program called Thrivent Choice, which began in 2010. 

                Thrivent Choice has two parts to it.  There are "Voting Events" and "Choice Dollars".  Thrivent is planning on having a couple Voting Events each year where members can vote for one of ten national charities to receive grants from the "Choice" program.  Thrivent also sends letters to members, informing them if they are eligible for directing Choice Dollars, which is determined by your involvement with Thrivent.  If you’ve received a letter saying you are eligible to designate Choice Dollars, we hope you’ll consider donating at least a portion of that amount to support the ministry here at Shetek.  Even if you choose not to support Shetek at this time, I hope you will designate those dollars to an organization of your choice.  Many organizations are feeling a pinch from losing the matching funds that were part of the popular Giving Plus program.  Here’s how you can designate Choice Dollars –


  1. Log on to www.thrivent.com
  2. In the upper right hand corner - Sign in with your username and password OR register for an account. 
  3. Once you have registered and signed in, select the "Direct Choice Dollars” button on the right hand side.
  4. In the middle of the next page, type in "Shetek Lutheran Ministries” OR the organization you prefer, in the "Organization Name" box and click search.
  5. Next to the name you chose, you will see the "Direct Now" button. You will be able to assign all or part of your Choice Dollars.
  6. Click the "Submit” button and your Thrivent Choice Dollars will be sent to the ministry you chose.


  1. Call 800-847-4836 and state “Thrivent Choice”.
  2. Follow the prompts that are given.
  3. You will be asked for the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  4. Then you will be sent through an automated operator system. 
  5. You then select the ministry to receive funds.  We are listed as "Shetek Lutheran Ministries” OR the organization you prefer. 

Thank you for considering a gift to Shetek Lutheran Ministries. Your support of this important ministry is appreciated. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the gift options please contact us.

Shetek Lutheran Ministries
14 Keeley Island Drive
Slayton, MN 56172
Phone Number: 507-763-3567

Email Addresses: slbc@frontiernet.net

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Shetek Lutheran Ministries
14 Keeley Island Drive
Slayton, MN 56172
Phone Number: 507-763-3567
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